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QRS products are among the best in their market segment, both in classic magnetic field therapy and in new magnetic field technologies. Above all, their effectiveness, quality, and long-lived reliability are what characterize QRS products.

QRS International AG, with its traditional headquarters in Liechtenstein, develops, produces, and markets high-quality magnetic field therapy devices (PEMF/PMFT) with a low-intensity effective range, and innovative systems which work in the high-intensity range (PMS/TPM).

In the low-intensity effective range, QRS magnetic field therapy focuses on stimulating cell metabolism as well as improving cell voltage (cell potential), along with all the accompanying positive effects.

In the high-intensity range, on the other hand, deep-seated muscle fibers are reactivated and made to tense. The passive, yet significant muscular stimulation is comparable to active muscle training.

Built over a period of 25 years, the company’s global magnetic field expertise is reflected in its products, comprehensive scientific literature, study findings, as well as in actual results.

The result is that QRS products work reliably to provide what is expected of them: The health of patients.

It’s what we stand for!
QRS International AG